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Your book is incredibly important, and who you choose as your creative partner will have a massive impact on your results. It’s an intimate relationship; the people who help you with your book have access to your thoughts and ideas and help you mold and shape them to be as impactful as they can be. Choosing the right partner for your project will make the work easier on you, and hopefully a little fun.

Ghostwriting or Collaborative Writing

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If you don’t have time to write your book on your own, we’ll discuss your audience and your goals for the book before we determine the best course of action. Working with me will include some or all of the following:

  • Crafting the marketing plan
  • Drafting the outline
  • Reviewing existing content you’ve previously written for potential inclusion
  • Research where necessary
  • Recording interviews with you to gather the stories, information, and experiences you want to include in the book
  • Writing of the book

Schedule a time to talk with me so we can craft a plan that works for you!

Book Proposal

Starting at $10,000, plus 5% bonus upon sale of book

If you’re going for a traditional book publishing deal, the book proposal is the second step (after the outline, of course!). A proposal is the marketing tool you will use to sell your book to a traditional publisher, and together we’ll make it compelling. Your proposal package will include:

  • A succinct and compelling overview of your book
  • Outline 
  • Author bio
  • Specific and in-depth marketing plans
  • Description of your platform and how you plan to use and grow it
  • 2-4 sample chapters

Developmental Edit

Starting at $6,000

Developmental editing is all about what you’re saying, and can be incredibly impactful for the author. No matter where in the process you bring a developmental editor into the fold, they can help you conceive the topic, ensure the outline is tight, or plan or straighten out the overall structure. Developmental editors often enter the picture after the author is done with their rough draft.

We’ll do the following:

  • Identify holes or gaps in the content
  • Straighten the structure and the flow of the book
  • Check for consistency in ideas and tone
  • Ensure there are no “gray areas” that lack clarity
  • Find the ideas and topics that you need to expand upon
  • Correct sentence syntax, grammar, and typos
  • Help you improve as a writer

This is a collaborative process. I’ll help you see where your ideas may have gone off track, and where you can improve the marketability of your book. Be prepared to be challenged!

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