“Sara Stibitz was a godsend as the editor for my book. I knew that I wanted to work with her from the moment we “met” on Skype. We instantly clicked and I knew deep down that I could trust her with my tender manuscript (and my own heart… authors know what I mean here).

My greatest hope was that she would represent the voice and thoughts of the reader. I knew that I had something to share and it all made perfect sense to me. But if I lost my reader at some point, then it didn’t matter what I had to say – they weren’t going to get that far.

Sara was absolutely brilliant for this. She took everything in my manuscript and intuitively felt that a reorder of the themes would help people travel through their journey with my book. Her extensive experience working with authors shone through; she didn’t want to force her thoughts onto me and was more than willing to work with the manuscript any way that felt good to me.

I really trusted her and asked her to follow through with her intuition. And she was absolutely right. Her re-order brought my content to life and made my book beautifully readable and still honoured its content and my intention.

To this day, I get emails from people who are reading my book for the second time… Others who keep it by their bedside and just open it to parts that they need to read in that moment.

I am eternally thankful for Sara’s help in crafting my book. It was truly a combined and beautiful effort… and as much as Sara contributed to the editing process (which was a lot), the resulting book still sounded like me. Even my friends say that they can sit down with my book if they are missing me and it feels just like chatting with me over a cup of tea.

So, thank you Sara, from the bottom of my heart. I look forward to working with her again in the future and highly recommend her to anyone – especially if you are particularly attached to the spirit of your work and you need someone you can trust.”

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