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You want your book to be more than just an asset for your business–you want to make an impact on your audience. I help you create a book that sells with the message you truly believe in.

We’ll develop your book concept, craft your marketing plan, and sculpt your masterpiece from front cover to back. Your voice will be clear and concise and your audience will hear you, your message, and your calls to action. Together we’ll take your unpolished thoughts and build them into works of art.

“Sara’s ability to synthesize your thoughts and turn them into written word is incredible. It’s as if everything you’ve wanted to say suddenly appears – and it reads even better than it sounded in your head. Sara was a true partner in the creation of my book. Make no mistake about it – this book would not exist if not for your research, writing, coordinating, editing, revising, pacifying, and laughing. Sara is the secret ingredient you’ve been searching for.”

Joey Coleman, author of #2 Wall Street Journal bestseller Never Lose a Customer Again and creator of the First 100 Days®

“Sara is an amazing writer and partner. I’m so glad she came into my project and only wish that I had found her sooner. I have a feeling this will not be the last thing we collaborate on together.”

Raegan Moya-Jones, co-founder of Aden & Anais, author of Leap and the Net Appears.

“… While Sara is amazing at adding better structure to words I have already written, she has been a game changer for me when I can’t even get that far.  I can pick up the phone and share my ideas and then she produces an incredible finished product that doesn’t compromise my message or tone. I highly recommend (and have many times) Sara for all your writing and editing needs.

Derek Coburn, author of Networking is Not Working, founder of CADRE

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Book Proposals

If you’re thinking about selling your book to a publisher, you’ll need help cutting through the confusion of the traditional publishing world. I’ll help you put your proposal together; we’ll sharpen your concept and craft a marketing plan that will have publishers drooling. 

Concept Development

You already have tons of ideas and an established voice, but you have no idea how to organize it all, or even where to start. We’ll dive deep into your knowledge and experience, and the roadmap we create will lead to intuitive writing and translate into more sales.


You’ve got a deal, and now you need help creating your book. The process can flow smoothly and quickly, and it can even be fun (no, really!). Find out how we can work together to write a magnum opus that you’ll be proud to share with your audience.

Recent Creations

There’s nothing like the first time you hold your book in your hands.

Nice Words

Sara Stibitz was a godsend as the editor for my book.  We instantly clicked and I knew deep down that I could trust her with my tender manuscript (and my own heart… authors know what I mean here).


Katrina Bos

Speaker, Author, and Tantra Teacher

“Sara has a gift for organizing (and reorganizing) a multitude of ideas thrown onto the page and transforming them into a coherent stream of chapters and sections which readers can understand.”


Adam Hammes

Author of Sustainable Business in Iowa and Stress-Free Sustainability, founder of Eco-fluence.

“Sara’s support and guidance early on in the editing and development process was highly impactful. She helped me own my story and my unique voice in a way I never thought possible. She believed in me, even though I felt like my first (and possibly only) book was a bit.”


TJ Anderson

Author of The Art of Health Hacking and founder of Elevate Your State

“Sara not only did a great job editing my book but she educated me in the process. She pointed out where I had issues and gave sound suggestions to resolve them. I highly recommend her to all who are serious about their work.”


Joey Beech

Author of A Girl’s Guide to Personal Finance

“Sara has the most unusual ability to take the words someone else has written, hone and refine them in the author’s voice, and make cohesive chapters from disparate parts.”


Adam Carroll

Speaker, educator, and author of The Money Savvy Student and creator of the documentary Broke, Busted, and Disgusted

“I found her writing to be authentic, rich with detail, and engaging with a touch of humor. She really knows how to draw the reader into life’s experiences – whether they are her own or someone else’s.”


Angela Ossian

Founder and Editor of YogaIowa

“She’s an excellent writer, editor, proofreader, and marketer. Sara is as versatile as she is fun to work with. The amount of time and energy Sara saved me was worth far, far more than her compensation.”


Gordon Fischer

Attorney and Owner of Gordon Fischer Law, P.C.

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